Documents you’ll need to set up a business account

When you set up a business account with Money Mover, we'll ask you for some information so we can verify the business, and so we can comply with anti-money laundering regulations, and help to protect you against fraud.

Business documents

We are required to verify the following company documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation / charity registration certificate / trust deed / corporate resolution certificate (as applicable)
  • Annual return (for limited companies)
  • Most recent financials
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

    All documents must be dated within the last three months. Documents can be PDF downloads or photos / scans of original copies.

Verification of controllers of the business

As part of our due dilligence process we need to identify certain people within the business.  This will involve gathering copies of proof of address and identification documents for each of the following:

  • Two Directors of the business (or one and the company secretary, if there is only one Director)
  • Beneficial owners holding 25% or more of the business
  • All 'Mandate Holders' (individuals allowed to operate the account)

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