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Cut the cost of your international payments today

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Money Mover users have traded over
See how much you can save today

Cut the cost of your international payments today

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Money Mover users have traded over

“The report highlighted the ongoing lack of transparency in the way that [FX] deals are priced”

“Money Mover's achievement shows the tremendous business opportunities that exist for fintech entrepreneurs...”

“Startups that will help you save money on foreign currency exchange”

“Money Mover - shortlisted for 'Innovation in Money Transfer/FX’”

“Built to reflect the highest standards of security, user experience and technical development”

“Is Money Mover the future of financial technology?”

“Innovate Finance's global summit will showcase many of the world's leading fintech and alternative finance firms”

“If you rely on your bank to handle moving your money between different countries and currencies, there’s a good chance you’re paying excessive charges for the privilege”

“The Money Mover web application has been developed with the needs of the SME in mind”

“There’s a pressing need for better FX transfer services for SMEs.”

“The UK startup chasing a $500bn FX market TransferWise can’t address”

“the payment partner that is transparent, trusted and genuinely invested in helping their businesses grow”

How much could you save?

Banks make money through large, hidden exchange rate spreads. Money Mover is committed to reducing these spreads and making them transparent to our customers. Use the calculator to find out how much you could save by using Money Mover instead of your bank.

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How is this calculated?

We've calculated the overcharge figure by comparing the bank costs, identified by Accourt, with the cost of using Money Mover for the same international payment.

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How much are you being overcharged by using your bank?

We'll analyse your previous transactions to show you how much you could save by using Money Mover

How does it work?

Check the rates, tell us who you want to pay, and confirm your payment. Send us your funds and let us do the rest.

Select a recipient

Select a recipient

Tell us about the person or organisation you wish to pay. Set them up in advance or as you go.

Upload your payment

Upload your payment

Make a local payment from your bank account to our segregated client account.

Currency is converted

Currency is converted

You'll always get the current market rate. Our fee is transparent and all-inclusive.

Payment is made

Payment is made

We'll tell you when your payment will settle, and promise to keep you updated every step of the way.

Report: Exposing the hidden cost of moving money internationally

UK banks charge SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) nearly £4bn in hidden fees each year

Smart money transfer for innovative businesses

Money Mover is the new, secure and low cost way for businesses and individuals to make international payments.

Great rates. No hidden fees. Guaranteed.

Great rates. No hidden fees.

We're upfront with our fees, and display our exchange rates clearly. We challenge you to compare us with your usual payments provider!

The safety and security of your money is our priority.

The safety and security of your money is our priority.

Money Mover is UK-based and fully compliant with all regulations. Client funds are held with major banks and segregated at all times.

A simple, intuitive application which<br / data-verified=

A simple, intuitive application which
fits easily into your workflow.

Get quotes and make payments quickly. Review your payment history and set up new recipients directly from your dashboard.

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Why do businesses trust Money Mover as their international payment service? Listen to their stories and join the future of business currency exchange.

Making personal payments?

Money Mover is not just for corporate FX! Now personal customers can make secure, low-cost international payments.

Press release

Money Mover announces £1m of funding from a group of financiers, entrepreneurs and technologists, including Andy Homer and Sir Peter Michael.

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How our £1m funding makes us the best international payment service for SMEs.

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A library of information on corporate FX and our company.

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