Documents you’ll need to set up your profile

We want to tell you what you’ll need to have to hand in order to complete the registration process. In all cases, please upload a legible scan (PDF) or digital photograph (JPG, PNG) of each document.

UK residents

For UK residents we use electronic identification (E-ID) to verify your identity, which involves checking your details against databases such as the Electoral Roll. This is sufficient in around 80% of cases.

Non-UK residents (and UK residents who fail E-ID)

Non-UK residents and UK residents who fail E-ID will need to provide:

  • 1 current piece of personal identification 
    • Passport
    • National Identity Card (Front and back)
    • Driving Licence (Front and back)
  • 1 proof of address
    • Bank statement
    • Utility bill (not a mobile telephone bill)
    • Tax notification (council tax or income tax)
    • Mortgage statement
    • Credit card statement
    • Residency card

All documents must be dated within the last three months. Documents can be PDF downloads or photos / scans of original copies.

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