Payment confirmations

Money Mover provides a range of confirmations which can be used within your organisation or sent externally

Swift confirmation

Swift wire confirmation (MT103)

You can access your Swift wire confirmation, also known as an MT103, for free and just as soon as your payment has settled. 

Navigate to the Payments page, and select the appropriate transaction from the list of 'Completed' payments by clicking 'View'.

Scroll to the bottom of the payment information and click on the 'MT103 (SWIFT) message' link.

This will reveal the detail of the Swift confirmation, which you may copy into an email of other document.

Find out more about Swift MT103 confirmations here

PDF confirmations - All payment details

Clicking the Download PDF button at the foot of the page brings up a list of three different flavours of PDF confirmation, each of which can be downloaded.

You can choose from:

  1. All payment details
  2. Payment receipt
  3. Payment details for [recipient nickname]

Each of these confirmations is designed for a slightly different purpose.

'All payment details' is the most comprehensive of the options, containing all possible payment information.  It is designed for internal (intra-company) use and, as it includes settlement instructions, it is ideal for the accounts payable team or finance team.

All payment details

PDF Conf 1 - All payment details

Payment receipt

The payment receipt contains all the information present in 'All payment details' apart from the transaction settlement details.

As such, it is ideal for internal purposes such as forwarding to your accountant or bookmaker for transaction reconciliation purposes.

Add a Mandate Holder

Of course - you can always add your accountant as a 'Mandate Holder' on your account, which will enable him or her to access the confirmations directly. 

To do this, just click 'Businesses' on the left hand menu and select your business. Click 'People' towards the top right of the page, then '+Add a mandate holder'.

Payment receipt

PDF Conf 2 - Payment receipt

Payment details for [Recipient nickname]

The payment details PDF is designed to be sent to the recipient of the payment as evidence that funds have been sent - a 'proof of payment'.

As it contains the payment reference that you supplied when you instructed the payment, it should make it even easier for your recipient to identify your payment.

Multiple recipients

Note that, if you've made a 'Multiple Recipients' payment, your PDF confirmations will include information for each recipient on a separate page, so that they can be forwarded easily without sharing the other recipients' information. You will also receive a separate MT103  for each recipient.

Payment details for recipient

PDF Conf 3 - Payment details for [Recipient nickname]

Benefits of confirmations

Having direct access to confirmations for each of your payments gives you greater control and information.


You have confirmation that your payment has been sent, including all the important details such as recipient information and payment amount.


Serves as a valid proof of payment, whether to send to a supplier to serve as proof of payment or to accounts payable for reconciliation purposes.


An MT103 can help with payment location and tracking if the funds are held up in regional clearing banks on the way to your recipient.

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