Multiple Recipients payments

Pay multiple recipients in one transaction, saving you time and money on transaction fees.

What is a Multiple Recipients payment?

Many of our customers need to pay several invoices or a payroll in the same currency on the same day.  Our Multiple Recipients feature allows you to pay multiple recipients in one transaction, which means that you save time and money on transaction fees.

How does it work?

The process is very similar to making a payment to a single recipient. The difference is that you can pay several recipients with the proceeds of a single purchase of currency.  On Step 1 of the Make a Payment process, simply select "Pay multiple recipients". At Step 3, you then select the recipients you wish to pay by ticking the box near their nickname in the drop-down. This opens a window where you can add the payment details (including a unique payment reference) for each recipient.

The system then adds up all the individual payment amounts and tells you how much currency you need to buy in total. Confirm the payment date and rates, approve the payments with a single click and send us across the requested settlement funds.

See how to make a payment to Multiple Recipients with Money Mover:

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