The global payments platform for the legal sector

The business of law is becoming ever more international

Overseas clients, consultants, conferences and other disbursements mean that your firm's finance function needs to manage payments and transfers in a range of currencies.

Money Mover, an FCA-regulated FinTech business based in Cambridge, has set out to transform the world of international business payments and cross-currency transfers with its intuitive, transparent and feature-rich web application.

Smart cross-currency payments and transfers for innovative legal businesses

Money Mover is a secure and low cost way for businesses in the legal sector to make international payments.

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Save time

Settle batches of overseas invoices and payrolls using our purpose-built tools


Manage risk

Lock-in exchange rates for pending invoices, billing and funding overseas offices


Take control

Real-time transaction statuses, comprehensive reporting, confirmations and audit trails


Safe and Secure

Dedicated customer service,  FCA-regulated platform with client money protection

How much could you save?

Banks make money through large, hidden exchange rate spreads. Money Mover is committed to reducing these spreads and making them transparent to our customers. Use the calculator to find out how much you could save by using Money Mover instead of your bank.

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You could save


on your global payments every year by using
a provider like Money Mover

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How is this calculated?

We've calculated the overcharge figure by comparing the bank costs, identified by Accourt, with the cost of using Money Mover for the same international payment.

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Spread the word and make sure that your network understands the real cost of international payments.

How much are you being overcharged by using your bank?

We'll analyse your previous transactions to show you how much you could save by using Money Mover

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Money Mover is a UK-based financial technology business, dedicated to bringing transparency and ease-of-use to our users. If you'd like to hear more about how the legal sector (including solicitors, trademark and patent attorneys) uses us, please get in touch with us by filling in the form below, sending us an email or giving us a call.



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