Multi-currency account

Transform the way you get paid. 

Receive, hold, convert and pay in over 25 currencies.

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Receive payments

Receive payments in 25+ currencies into named accounts with your own IBAN

Hold foreign currency

Hold funds securely and exchange currencies with full visibility over rates

Pay invoices

Transfer funds between your accounts or pay suppliers directly

Receive payments

Receive payments from third parties in 25+ currencies from over 200 countries.

Named account details

Access your own named accounts with dedicated multi-currency IBANs which you can provide to your customers, payers and third parties. 

See who's paid you

Reconcile payments easily with complete sender and reference information provided for every payment received into your wallet.

Wallets account details

Wallet balances

Hold foreign currency

Hold balances 

Hold funds for as long as you need to, in over 25 currencies. Funds are safeguarded by our FCA-regulated e-money partners at a credit institution.

Pay invoices

Cross-currency payments and transfers

Make foreign currency payments and transfers in 25+ currencies to 100+ countries. 

Same currency payments

Sometimes you need to make an international payment in your domestic currency. This is quick and easy to do with Money Mover. Pay a flat fee of £10 per payment regardless of country or currency.

Payment confirmation

Multi-currency wallets FAQs