Countries we can send payments to

Money Mover can make payments to the countries in the below list. Please cross reference this with our list of currencies as we are not always able to pay the home currency to a particular country. For example, we can pay US Dollars to China but not (at the moment) Chinese Renminbi.

Once you've set up your profile, you're just a few clicks away from making quick, low-cost foreign exchange payments.

*Please note that, due to regulatory structure in the US we cannot currently support payments from the US in any currency.

Country Flag Country Country Flag Country
Andorra Malaysia
Australia Malta
Austria Mexico
Belgium Monaco
Brazil Netherlands
Bulgaria New Zealand
Canada Norway
China Poland
Cyprus Portugal
Czech Republic Qatar
Denmark Romania
Estonia San Marino
Finland Saudi Arabia
France Singapore
Germany Slovakia
Greece Slovenia
Hong Kong South Africa
Hungary Spain
India Sweden
Ireland Switzerland
Isle of Man Thailand
Israel Turkey
Italy UAE - Abu Dhabi
Japan UAE - Dubai
Jersey UAE - Sharjah
Latvia United Kingdom
Lithuania United States
Luxembourg Vietnam