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Secure, low-cost international payments for Woohoo Pay clients

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Money Mover provides transparent, secure and low-cost international payments for businesses and individuals. Money Mover and Woohoo Pay have teamed up to assist Woohoo Pay's clients to make fast, secure and low-cost international payments and to transfer funds between their currency accounts.

  • Move funds between your currency bank accounts
  • Make international payments to any third party
  • Free to register - you only pay when you send money
  • Make same day payments and lock-in rates for up to 12 months in the future
  • Real time payment tracking on all payments

*Please note there is a minimum transaction amount of GBP 1,000

How much could you save?

Use the calculator to find out how much you could save by using Money Mover instead of your bank.

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We've calculated the overcharge figure by comparing the bank costs, identified by Accourt, with the cost of using Money Mover for the same international payment.

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Banks make money through large, hidden exchange rate spreads.

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