Coffee World

Nasar Aboukhshem, Managing Director

Coffee World

Nasar Aboukhshem, Managing Director

When managing an international portfolio of suppliers, it's important to have the systems to manage your payments efficiently.

Coffee is in Nasar Aboukhshem’s blood. His father, Ali, founded Coffee World on Magdalene Street, Cambridge, in 1984. Since then, the Aboukhshem family has been importing only the finest green coffee beans from around the world, hand-roasting them on the premises to produce the finest coffees.

The Coffee World team is dedicated to providing its customers with the richest coffee experience. As a family-run business, they are well aware that their success depends entirely upon their customers’ confidence in their quality coffees.

Nasar and his team have always had an international outlook. Coffee beans come from far afield, and Nasar takes care to track down the best roasting and brewing equipment from wherever it is produced in the world.

Before he heard about Money Mover, Nasar tried a variety of ways to pay his suppliers. “We had always used the banks to make our international payments. We didn’t appreciate quite how expensive it was until we looked carefully at the exchange rates we were receiving, and added up the cost of the fees.” He then used a foreign exchange broker for a while, “This saved us money, but transparency was still an issue, and it was annoying to have to call every time we wished to make a currency payment”.

This changed when Nasar was introduced to Money Mover’s web application. “Now we have full visibility over fees and exchange rates. Because everything is online, it’s quick to pay suppliers.  It’s easy to check that I’m getting the mid-market exchange rate, and the single fee is low and doesn’t get worse over time.”

The business has grown significantly since the early days, and now also supplies, rents and repairs high quality coffee machines and accessories to retail and trade customers.  Coffee World has recently expanded into new premises in Cambridge Road, Milton, which houses a retail shop, repair centre, a large coffee roastery with a state-of-the-art coffee roaster.

“Money Mover helps us keep our prices competitive and our costs under control”, says Nasar. “As a small but fast-growing business, it’s great to know that I can access rates and tools that were only available to the big players”.

Festival-goers may already have got a taste for Coffee World’s product, as Nasar is building up his fleet of pop-up gazebos and mobile coffee shops to cater for this fast-growing sector. You can find out more by visiting Coffee World’s website, and sample the finest coffee in Cambridge for yourself by visiting their online shop.

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