Business Logic Systems

Denise Cadd, Finance Director

Business Logic Systems

Denise Cadd, Finance Director

As a company with overseas offices and customers in various parts of the world, BLS had explored other foreign exchange systems but found Money Mover to be ‘a breath of fresh air'.

Business Logic Systems (BLS) is a Data-Driven Marketing and Customer Value Management (CVM) solutions company, based in the UK with overseas offices and customers in various parts of the world. BLS typically used one of the major high street banks for their foreign exchange transactions and as Denise Cadd their Finance Director commented, “We didn’t realise what we were missing until we were introduced to Money Mover”. 

After being introduced to Money Mover they considered their relationship with the bank and realised that over the past 5 years they had never had a conversation with their Bank Manager about their international payments and how they could help save BLS money.

Denise and her team at BLS explored other foreign exchange systems but found Money Mover to be ‘a breath of fresh air’. As Denise explained, “With Money Mover everything is transparent you see what Money Mover gets and you see the savings against the bank. For me transparency is essential, it helps build trust. We know we are being treated fairly and that’s essential for any business relationship.  Plus, we always get the best deal whether it’s for BLS or our suppliers”.

The other issue for Denise was determining the current spot rate using her banks system and then struggling to find out where to go to actually carry out a transaction. She explained her problem, “By the time I managed to negotiate through this minefield the spot rate had changed and I had lost a significant amount of money – in fact this could add up to a person’s salary in some instances”.

As Denise explains, “It is so convenient to be able to do everything online with the click of a few buttons. With Money Mover I can quickly and efficiently move money from one currency to another”.  She continued, “And there’s always someone available if I need help.

Commenting on how she uses Money Mover Denise said, “We now use Money Mover regularly and view it as being part of our business. We have operations in Romania and use Money Mover on a monthly basis to transfer funds to cover the payroll.  Our sales are primarily in USD so Money Mover is an easy and cost effective way to convert these sales into sterling and the other currencies we need to pay suppliers”.

In addition to the transparency of the rates, there are other features of the Money Mover platform which add to the user experience, especially for those companies doing regular transactions.  For example, the platform stores the recipient information enabling you to make a payment in just a few clicks.  For BLS, this means their monthly salary payments are much quicker and simpler.….in those few clicks!

Denise concludes, “We are excited by the new developments in Money Mover application and are delighted to be part of their ever evolving journey to make the platform even more accessible and user friendly”.

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