Money Mover is the online currency exchange and global payments service dedicated to SMEs.

Money Mover aims to make international money transfer an asset rather than an inhibitor for SME growth by empowering businesses to make global payments and international money transfers quickly, at pre-defined rates and with transparent pricing. Its online platform offers real-time exchange rates, accurate quotes and global payments functionality that integrates with existing SME applications and bank products.

Money Mover is part of the growing wave of FinTech companies focused on delivering a better quality of service than incumbent institutions. The cofounders of Money Mover, based in three different continents, were disillusioned with the way that current money transfer practices hamstrung SMEs. They set out to create a global payments platform that put the best interests of its customers at its heart.

Based in Cambridge, UK, Money Mover is backed by Andy Homer, Sir Peter Michael, and a group of financiers, entrepreneurs and technologists.

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“If you rely on your bank to handle moving your money between different countries and currencies, there’s a good chance you’re paying excessive charges for the privilege”

“The Money Mover web application has been developed with the needs of the SME in mind”

“There’s a pressing need for better FX transfer services for SMEs.”

“The UK startup chasing a $500bn FX market TransferWise can’t address”

“the payment partner that is transparent, trusted and genuinely invested in helping their businesses grow”


A market where international money transfer is an asset rather than an inhibitor


To liberate SMEs from the bank-led hegemony that dominates international money transfer, deliver a better quality service and reduce the associated cost. Money Mover seeks to empower SMEs to make informed decisions about currency exchange and global payments. Only by demonstrating value to our customers and building their confidence in our business will Money Mover truly challenge the incumbents.


Money Mover is:

A partner to SMEs, not a counterparty

We support our customers’ business growth. We understand SMEs, their frustrations with current providers and what needs to change for the better. By freeing capital set aside for international payments we help SMEs to expand their business, employ more people, and deliver greater value to the economy.

Open, honest and transparent, not secretive or opaque

We will always give our customers the information that allows them to make an informed decision. We don’t hide anything in the small print – the service our customers see online is the service they get.

Founded on the belief that our technology is an enabler, not a gimmick

Although we’re a FinTech company, we don’t use technology for technology’s sake. We use it as a tool to ensure a smooth, easy and simple transaction. It sits in the background, enabling our services and ensuring we deliver utility.


Money Mover has a small group of international private investors who believe in our vision for cheaper, simpler and more transparent financial services.


Money Mover works with a group of carefully selected partner organisations. Read about some of them below.


The clever people at Onespacemedia have helped create Money Mover’s website and web application. They are based in Cambridge, growing fast and have a terrific local reputation.

Currency Cloud

We have chosen the Currency Cloud to be our payment service provider. We have a great working relationship with them and their secure payments engine powers our foreign exchange services.

Industry Organisations

Money Mover is a founding member of Innovate Finance - the recently launched FinTech industry organisation, committed to accelerating the UK's leading position in the global financial services sector by directly supporting technology-led financial services innovators.

Money Mover is a member of Level 39 - Europe's largest technology accelerator for finance, retail, cyber-security and future cities technology companies.