Money Mover raises further £500k in investment funding to expand its partner programme

Posted on the 8th May 2017

Investors see big opportunity for innovative international payments service to provide valuable partnership to accountancy and professional services firms serving SMEs

Innovative overseas payment service provider for SMEs, Money Mover, has secured an extra £500,000 in investment funding to maximise partner opportunities.

Investors, which include renowned Fintech backer, Andy Homer, cite significant potential for the service to offer value to accountancy and professional services firms.

Partnering firms could strengthen their client offer with Money Mover’s transparent, low cost, overseas payment technology; using a bespoke user interface which seamlessly integrates the innovative service with the firm’s own technology platform.

Money Mover, the international payments service, has raised £500,000 in further funding from investors to maximise partnership opportunities in the professional services sector. Backers include Andy Homer, renowned Fintech investor and former CEO of Towergate, who believes the Money Mover service is a natural fit for accountancy and professional services firms who want to enhance their current offering to SME business clients.

Money Mover’s service offers a transparent, low cost international payments service dedicated to SMEs. Through its partner programme, the innovative Fintech firm will be providing its functionality to accountancy and professional services firms serving SMEs; giving them the opportunity to seamlessly link their core platform and digital interface to the Money Mover service and functionality.

Andy Homer, lead investor and former Towergate CEO, said: “There is a big opportunity for Money Mover to extend their services to the clients of the professional services sector.

Accountants and consultants are trusted advisers to the businesses they serve and it is in their interest to continually innovate and broaden their offerings to clients. Money Mover’s international payments service is a great fit for those firms looking to offer more value and an enhanced service to clients who regularly make overseas transactions.”

Hamish Anderson, CEO of Money Mover, said: “We have access to better wholesale rates, so our proposition can save SMEs £20,000 or more in every £1m they transfer. Also, our transparent functionality allows a small business to see the cost of their transaction upfront, before they make the payment.

“These savings and functionality are things small businesses can’t access through their high-street bank and something they’d value immensely if offered by their accountant or consultant. Our technology expertise allows us to integrate with our partners’ core platform and digital interface, via a bespoke landing page, giving their clients a simple, seamless and secure user journey.”