Money Mover takes part in first ever International FinTech conference

Posted on the 13th April 2017

The conference will be hosted by Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond and will feature the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Simon Kirby as well as other leading figures from FinTech, Venture Capital and Financial Services organisations.

“Britain is already the best place in the world to start and grow a FinTech company. These events are a great opportunity to show why,” says the Chancellor. “The first ever International FinTech conference will bring together dynamic UK firms with an exciting vision of the future, and global investors who can support their future growth.”

Money Mover, a Cambridge based FinTech firm on the rise, is excited to be included in the line-up of companies to be showcased at the conference. “It’s a great honour to be included in the inaugural International FinTech Conference,” says Hamish Anderson, CEO of Money Mover. “As a startup we have found terrific support in the UK: an enlightened regulator, active mentor community, investors who understand FinTech and who can benefit from supportive enterprise investment schemes. There is a lot of momentum right now with a wealth of great ideas and smart dedicated people who will help shape the future of financial technology. It’s an exciting time.”

Money Mover’s intuitive global payments platform transforms the way SMEs make international transfers and offers much needed stability in an economy wracked by Brexit anxiety. With Money Mover’s focus on transparency, SME-focused functionality, access to interbank foreign exchange rates, and the ability to lock-in rates for up to six months, clients can enjoy benefits that had been previously only available to large corporates and institutions. 

“Our aim is to empower SMEs to make informed decisions,” explains Hamish. “By giving full and upfront information about all the parameters of a transaction, including the  all-inclusive cost, Money Mover helps SMEs free up capital set aside to cover uncertainty, and ultimately help them expand their businesses, employ more people, and deliver greater value to the economy.”

As the country assumes its new place outside the EU, it will rely even more on innovation and home-grown talent. The Chancellor is confident that FinTech has a major role to play. “We have a plan for Britain and a modern industrial strategy,” he says. “(I) see FinTech as an essential sector as we forge new trading relationships within, and beyond, Europe.”

For more information about the conference and the scheduled speakers and workshops visit the International FinTech Conference 2017 website.