We've made our first payment!

Posted on the 9th June 2014 by Money Mover Team in News

We've made our first payment- Money Mover BlogOur beta-testing programme is in full flight, and we're excited to report that one of our beta clients has just made his first payment!

Our client sold US Dollars (USD) and bought British Pounds (GBP), and reckoned that he saved around GBP 200 compared to his normal currency transfer service.

We benchmarked the transaction against mid-rates in the market, and compared the total payment costs and currency spreads with the international payment service offered by our client's bank account. He was surprised and pleased to discover that Money Mover had saved him around GBP 200 (or around two-thirds of the total costs of making the payment).

While our happy client decides what to spend his windfall on, we're working hard with our other beta testers (a mixture of personal and business users) to help them save as much money as possible as they move money around the world.

Development of our web application continues in the background, and we expect to have it available for testing at the end of June.

We'll keep you updated!

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