A day in the life of an Intern

Posted on the 29th July 2016 in Team blog

Callum McLaren-Stewart describes a day in the life of an Intern at Money Mover, an international payments platform.


Time to get up. My morning alarm goes off and I prepare myself for work.


Just joking, I almost always fall back asleep until my second alarm goes off and I realise that I do need to get up this time. I head downstairs for some breakfast (cereal or toast does the job for me) and get greeted by two overly enthusiastic dogs. How I wish I had their energy.


Thankfully I live just round the corner from Money Mover so I’m able to leave quite late. Quick drive and I make it in before 09:00.


My day starts working with Susan, the Marketing Manager at Money Mover. We have a look at the news and update all the social media accounts. Keeping up to date with the news is critical in such a dynamic industry so it is a productive way to start the day.


With the social media updated, it’s time to get on with my tasks for the day. A typical day would see me help out with a project such as the latest marketing campaign. This involves communicating with a company that we’re working with and helping them to develop a video for the Money Mover website. This will last up until lunch time.


Best time of the day. The Money Mover office is in a beautiful location so getting to eat lunch out in the garden is a great chance to get some fresh air. Lunch can either be exciting like sushi (when food is ordered in and we all sit together) or disappointing (like the time I tried to cook for myself and bring in a packed lunch!). Yesterday we even had an ice cream van swing around!


Back into the office. My afternoon normally consists of working on projects that could range from doing market research to writing blogs. If there are meetings going on within the office I often get the chance to sit in on them, providing valuable insight into company life. A large chunk of my afternoon is spent asking questions (and probably bugging everyone in the office!). The team is incredibly helpful and give me all the support I need to get my jobs done.


My working day ends anywhere around this time – I try to leave once I’ve completed all my work for the day. I usually take this chance to get some exercise done and head out for a run around Milton Park. Occasionally Hamish, the Money Mover CEO, joins me and keeps me on my toes! It’s a great chance to wind down after the day.


I’m currently back home enjoying my summer holidays (I usually live down in Exeter, where I go to university) and so I get to enjoy whatever Mum has cooked up for dinner. A very welcome break from life away from home. Downtime after dinner usually involves Netflix or Video Games.


I spend the final half an hour or so before I sleep reading. Great way to wind down after a fairly active day. Currently, I’m working my way through Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls although much of my reading is non-fiction history books.

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