Exchange rate charting and rate alerts

View over 10 years of exchange rate data for over 20 different currencies. Monitor exchange rates and let us notify you when they reach your target levels

Exchange rate chart

Simple exchange rate charting

While there is no easy way to judge the best time to make an international payment or transfer, information and transparency is vital to making the best decisions when it comes to your money.

Using our interactive charting tool you can view historical mid-market exchange rates for over 20 different currencies, over a 10 year time period.

Rates Alerts

Sometimes you need to wait for a currency pair to reach a specific rate before you instruct your payment or transfer. Exchange rates are changing all the time and our Rates Alert feature lets Money Mover be your eyes and ears on the currency markets.

You can find Rates Alerts on the Rates page in the Money Mover web application, below the exchange rate charting tools. Create an alert by entering your target exchange rate for the currency pair of your choice. As soon as your target rate is met, we send you an email alert.

You can add  as many exchange rate alerts as you wish, for any currency pair that we offer, and can manage and delete your alerts quickly and easily.

Rates Alerts

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Giving you greater visibility over the exchange rate market


Live rates

Live, mid-market exchange rates updated on an hourly basis to keep you updated.


Multiple currencies

Over 20 currencies to choose from. To view our list of supported currencies, click here.


Exchange rate alerts

Set exchange rate alerts to notify you when the rate hits a target rate.