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In partnership with Bionow, an award winning specialist business development and services company at the heart of the biomedical and life sciences sector in the North of England

Great features for your business

Great rates. No hidden fees. Guaranteed.

Reduced rates. No hidden fees.

We're upfront with our fees, and display our exchange rates clearly. As a Member of Bionow, you will receive 10% off our transaction fees!


Manage multiple businesses from one profile.

If you operate the financial department for multiple companies you can make payments for each of them easily, all from one profile.


Download full audit trails of your payments.

You can download a detailed breakdown of your payment history including rates, values and times of transaction.

Your free payment review

Please provide us with the following details of a recent foreign exchange payment.

Contact information

Please provide us with your contact details so that we can share the results of the payment review with you.


You could be suffering huge hidden charges. Get the facts!

A number of life sciences firms, when considering how best to make and manage their international payments, took advantage of our free payments review.

By submitting details of previous international transfers made by your business we can break out all costs (exchange rate spreads, fees and charges) associated with the payment and provide the transparency that should have been available from the start.

We’re very pleased to have a growing community of life sciences businesses amongst our customer base which, since moving across to us, are typically saving £20,000 in every £1m of international payments that they make.

“Ease of use is key for us,” adds Bob. “Saving money is great but not at the expense of a significant amount of management time... Ongoing administration is minimal once payments and beneficiaries have been set up.”

Bob Boyle - Co-Founder, Sentinel Oncology Limited

Read our case study of an existing life sciences customer, Sentinel Oncology, and why they chose Money Mover.

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