Moving funds between your currency accounts

Banks often charge you just as much to transfer funds between your currency accounts as they do when you pay a third party. Use Money Mover to move funds between your currency accounts, cut your fees and put more of your money to work.

How do I transfer between my currency accounts using Money Mover?

The process is exactly the same as paying a third party, you simply set up your currency account as the recipient of the payment.

Why wouldn't I just pay my recipients directly?

  • Transferring larger amounts between your foreign currency accounts means that you can achieve additional economies of scale by reaching our thresholds for reduced fees
  • It eliminates your exposure to exchange rate fluctuations. For example if you know you have USD invoices due, converting funds in advance means that you can lock in the GBP costs before you make the payment
  • Many businesses receive payments from customers in a variety of currencies directly into their currency accounts. Periodically they use Money Mover to convert these revenues quickly and efficiently back into GBP

CASE STUDY: Harten Group

Read how Harten Group uses Money Mover to save time and money when transferring funds between his Euro, Dollar and Pound Sterling account