How we help keep your account secure

At Money Mover, safety and security is number one. We know that when it comes to your money, you want to be sure you’re in safe hands.

That’s why we take a number of steps to protect the security of your account and payments at all times. 

You may have noticed a recent enhancement to our security measures. We now send you an email when we detect a log in on your account from an unusual location, so that you can act immediately if you don’t recognise the activity on your account.

How else do we ensure the safety and security of your account?


We’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Payment service regulations 2017, as are any payments providers we work with. 

Segregated client accounts

All client funds are held in segregated client accounts with major UK banks. This is the safest way of holding your funds, as it means the funds are always in your name, completely separate from any accounts holding company money.

You send funds to us

Your Money Mover account is separate from your bank account. Neither Money Mover nor its payment service providers ever take funds from your account, and your bank account is not linked to your Money Mover account. The onus is on you to send your money directly to our segregated accounts when you make a payment or transfer. This means that your bank's security is never bypassed which provides an extra layer of security on any transfers you make with us. 

Compliance and onboarding

We identify and verify all new customers, in line with bank-level ‘Know Your Customer’ procedures. We work hard to make sure that our onboarding and compliance procedures are amongst the best in class, so do bear with us if we occasionally ask for your help in verifiying your identity or one of your transactions.

Strong Customer Authentication

The technology industry - especially in fintech - is gradually moving to authentication which is much more difficult to crack. This is where Two Factor Authentication (2FA) comes in. 2FA enhances security by requiring not just a user name and password combination, but also something which only the genuine user would possess. In our case, we have opted for a code generated by a smartphone or other device which you own.  This provides a level of confidence in user authentication which is significantly superior to that provided by a password alone.

You can find out more about 2FA here.

On-going monitoring

We take a number of measures to ensure each of your payments is secure and legitimate:

  • We monitor your IP address when you instruct a payment, to help us identify and potentially fraudulent activity 
  • We automatically log you out of your session if it remains inactive for a period of time
  • We reference your activity against expected use and flag any inconsistencies

You can read more about our safety and security procedures here.